BETH KUCHARSKI (( Curator + Painter ))
Beth was born and raised in San Diego. She started painting and drawing at a young age. Her creativity was influenced by her love of the beach, skateboarding and fashion. She attended Cal State Long Beach where she received her BFA in 2000. She was taught to paint in the traditional manner but after graduation she began minimizing and abstracting her work, using more unconventional style of painting. She collects tapestries, vintage wallpaper patterns, hand woven rugs and anything with a pattern and uses them as an inspiration in her work. Her painting technique is a dance. Her paintings are canvases of rich colored surfaces with organic textures. Her lifestyle is free flowing and and her work represents her struggle to find balance in a structured world.

SU PANG (( Curator + Fine Artist + Photographer ))
Su was hatched in Singapore and moved to San Francisco for art school. She was formally a painter and now works in the design / photography industry. Her habit of bouncing around the globe to seek out her next photography adventure, brought her to Berlin. Her new work reflects the decay world outside of Berlin. Su finds Beauty and Contentment in Decay and Nature. It's relationship to past and present. Her work documents a journey into a forgotten world of life. Su says no to "HDR"! If you see a sign that says "KEEP OUT" or "PRIVATE PROPERTY", you will see this asian lurking not too far off. She now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

DENNI ZELIKOWSKY (( Gallerist + Artist + Curator )) 
Denni is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist and owner /curator of Gallery 3209. She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Art. Denni is familiar with many Mediums but has particularly mastered the techniques of resin. Her work embodies a focus on the unpredictability of certain materials as ambiguous content to support and dictate the materials she uses.


HEATHER ROSENMAN (( Sculptor )) 
A New York native, Heather graduated The Cooper Union with a BFA in Design and received a postgraduate-level degree from the Basel School in Switzerland. After achieving creative director in the world of branding design, she decided to escape. Fascinated by the flexible construction inherent to ceramics, her work reflects the exploration of concepts and accidents that yield unlimited possibilities. Her current series is Contraptionology: ancient artifacts of possible future technologies.

KRISTEN NEVEU (( Mixed Media Artist )) 
Raised in Iowa, Kristen moved to Chicago after college and began creating found object constructions from discarded wood found in alleys and demolished houses. She moved to Los Angeles four years ago, and is gaining a following through interior design work and exhibitions. Fascinated with both nature and urban environments, Kristen's work captures delicate details and cycles of transformation that often occur in everyday moments. Buildings are torn down, branches suddenly bloom, objects are left behind, and people come and go. In her art, she addresses the fleeting feelings of isolation and comfort that can result in these periods of change and stasis. The textures and repetitive shapes reflect her search for calmness and courage in the uncertainty of the future.

LAUREN RASSEL (( Artist + Fashion Designer + Sensualist )) 
Lauren began sketching, collaging and constructing mechanical 3D work before she would write. Since early childhood, she's been inspired to work with surfaces and objects typically considered garbage. Transforming commonly discarded materials into beautiful or thought provoking art, is the purpose behind Rassel's work. She is also a Detroit based stylist and fashion designer. Her long term goal is to see UPcycled fashion and art in the mass-market by means of revitalization of post-industrial manufacturing facilities.


DANI VINOKUROV (( Fine Artist ))
Dani Vinokurov grew up in a small coastal town in California, where she was exposed to the wonders of the natural world. With a background in graphic design, Dani Vinokurov attended graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design where she discovered a universe beyond the digital world. Here she began to weave, dye, and stitch. She lives in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Summoning patterns and textures from nature, she harvests whimsical and fantastical worlds—combining the places we occupy as physical beings and the spaces we inhabit in our subconscious. 

ANYES GALLEANI (( Mixed Media Artist ))
Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born photographer/artist based in Los Angeles. She uses photomontage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art. Raised on the beautiful Italian Riviera. Anyes began creating photomontages using 35mm transparencies. Her focus on film lasted several years until her passion for still photography was rekindled during a fashion video shoot. Anyes' evocative art has been featured in several venues and exhibits and has been complementing residential, commercial and corporate environments, creating a bold mood that sparks conversation and leaves a lasting impression.

VALENTINA GAETE (( Jewelry Artist )) 
Valentina is a Chilean-born jewelry designer based in Long Beach, CA. Her passion of finding unique pieces and creating, mending and wrapping one of a kind gifts for loved ones slowly and authentically evolved into her up and coming line titled "Pepper Tree Jewelry."  Enthralled by both nature and individuals' sense of  personal style, every piece she makes is unique and has it's own story

JENNIFER KORSEN (( Mixed Media Artist ))
Jennifer is a mixed media visual artist, jewelry maker, crocheter, and general crafty person, currently residing in Los Angeles. She creates work with a connection to the human body and organs, different body systems. She also uses subjects that represent the human form like dolls, mannequins, targets, and artificial human form.


Kristin De Simone was born in Los Angeles, California in 1979. She attended UC Riverside where she earned her B.A. in Studio Art.  Her latest work has evolved with the use of mixed media.  She uses an organic approach to create pieces that tap into that internal source.  Making art that examines the human connection to nature is a process that feeds, motivates and nutures her creative spirit.  Her work has been exhibited at Sweeney Art Gallery in Riverside, CA, 2nd Street Gallery and Avia Hotel in Long Beach, CA, Monkspace in Los Angeles, and 11:11 Galleries in Canoga Park, CA.  She currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

DARLYN SUSAN YEE (( Artist + Author ))
Darlyn is a Los Angeles based fiber and mixed media artist. She has created her knitted Body Cocoon Series to symbolize our essence, style and transformation as we proceed through life. Selections from this series have been exhibited at TAG Gallery, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, and Galéria Z in Bratislava, Slovakia. Darlyn is best known for her knotted sculptural artwork which was published in 100 Artists of the West Coast II. She has written the book, Macramé Today: Contemporary Knotting Projects, to share her passion for knotting. Darlyn is also an active participant in Yarn Bombing Los Angeles. Her recent temporary public art installations and collaborations have been displayed at Union Center for the Arts, Craft And Folk Art Museum, 18th Street Arts Center, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and in the Trespass Parade.

AMANDA GONZALEZ (( Photographer ))
Amanda was raised in the Western foothills of the Sierra Nevada in the town of Auburn, CA. She is an avid wanderer and draws inspiration from her ramblings, capturing all that she finds to be exquisite, eccentric, funky and sublime. Being a student of Geology, Amanda's interest lies in the firmament beneath our feet as much as the societies and people who tread upon it, fascinations which are keenly illustrated by her work.

RYAN GRAEFF (( Graffiti Artist ))
Ryan began his artistic expression by doing graffiti. In 2005 created his iconic trade mark the "bandit". Graeff graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 2006 studying under master print maker Tony Zepeda and illustrators the Clayton Brothers. Graeff street art has became a huge inspirational icon among the street art scene artist like Shepard Fairy and Mr. Brainwash "exit threw the gift shop" have been directly influenced by Graeff. His Bandit image has always been hand screen printed on newsprint a technique original to the self published zine "restitution press" still uses today (17 volumes produced thus far). At Art Center Graeff created his own unique formula of image making using a combination of background painting and screen printing. Large brilliant brush strokes, tons of layers overlapping images, and a sense of Graeffs own visual experience of the city. While saturating the streets with his Bandit image Graeff started using photography to document his installations. The photography evolved from installation to architectural and landscape photography. Although born and raised in Los Angeles Graeff loves to travel and experience the visual language of any city.His unique experience thought his classic illustrative training and street art expression makes Graeff art like no other before him.